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Smudging and cleansing oneself and space to remove any stagnant energy is likely a familiar practice. Cleansing ceremonies and rituals have been around for a very long time across many cultures. Smudges are burned during the cleansing as the smoke is thought to purify and drive away negative energy from a space, object or person. Sage, the most frequently used herb, is considered the ultimate energy disinfectant and neutralizer. Palo santo is introduced afterward to bring in positive thoughts and energies, love, joy and creativity. The process is not one size fits all as there are many ways to cleanse. Below is just a suggestion of what may be used and how they may be used in the practice.

Smudge tools and kits can be purchased through the link below.

Suggested Tools

  • Smudge Wand

  • Palo Santo

  • lighter or matches

  • object to catch ashes such as an Abalone Shell or metal bowl

  • feather or fan or even your hand 

  • cup of cool water

  • crystal(s) like clear quartz or selenite

  • and most importantly and vital to the process, Good Intent (can be through your own thoughts, prayer, mantra, incantation etc)

Getting Started

Calm yourself through whatever method works best for you. Intentional breathing, turning off all electronics, drowning out all external distractions. Selenite can be waved around, placed near an object or in the corner of a space, or in the hand of a person. It purifies and uplifts the energy. It is suggested that you have a cool cup of water around you to help with clarity of mind and balance of elements; earth (sage, palo santo, crystals), fire, air (smoke), water and spirit (negative & positive energy). Focus on your intention, burn the smudge stick and fan the smoke (outward) throughout the space, over the object or person. Visualize the smoke carrying away what needs to be released. Follow up with palo santo, burning and fanning the smoke (inward), visualizing what you're welcoming. You may choose to end the ritual by sitting in silence for a while with a clear mind, lighting a candle next to the cup of water and meditating, resting your crystals on an alter, charging them in moonlight or however you see fit.

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