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bless Your belly

Traditionally titled waist beads, are worn by women to mark rites of passage and transition into womanhood, protect feminine energy, attract or seduce a mate and for body contouring. They have evolved from their origins in Africa to spread throughout Eastern and Western cultures. Bless Your Belly has married the tradition of waist beads to the power of gems offering belly crystals that directly bring intended energy to the feminine center

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Queen of Gems

To expand on the ever growing demand of accessories made with crystals and intention, Queen of Gems was developed to adorn the rest of the feminine temple. The collection offers an array of jewelry including anklets, chokers, hand and foot chains, and beaded bralettes.


Kwame Ade

Kwame Ade evolved to resonate with masculine energy by creating modern pieces that express boldness and timelessness. Gemstones are carefully selected for our unique designs to make a statement.


sweet water spirit

Sweet Water Spirit is an offering made by an herbalist and Reiki Master with a focus on a holistic approach to health, incorporating spiritual healing and cleansing with the use of crystals, gemstones, smudging, and other natural remedies. 



Since birth, Essence-Maisara was surrounded by crystals and beadwork. As she got older, watching the jewelry-making process inspired her to create her own designs to share with other queens-in-training. Her collection of pieces encompasses her love of colors and all things lavish. 

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