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About Our Materials
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crystals & gemstones

The use of crystals and gemstones in jewelry has always been the main focus in all of our designs since its inception. Each mineral and gem has its own vibration which works in tandem with the wearer's. They're often used in medicinal and spiritual practices with the belief that they can heal as well as offer protection. 

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We pride ourselves in using high quality materials including faceted crystal beads, pearls, solid yellow, white and rose golds, sterling silver and gold filled beads.


inside & out

As important as the outside aesthetic is in our jewelry designs, we also believe what goes on underneath it all is just as, if not more, valuable. Tie-on jewelry is strung on thread with the highest rated tensile rating for its size. Clasped jewelry is beaded on coated steel wire. For those wanting additional elegance, we also offer beaded jewelry strung on gold and silver chains. We also offer high quality chains to layer with or wear solo.

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