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Esi-Morowa is a brand known for its globally coveted adornments and its deep connection to the elements and the celestial. From its inception, the focus has always been on fusing the frequency of crystals and gemstones with jewelry while valuing ancestry and artistry. With our inspirational, eye-catching designs, we seek to give form to the divine feminine and sacred masculine energy that surrounds us in the ether with our wearable art. Bless Your Belly and Queen of Gems offers beauty and blessings to the feminine center and figure; Kwame Ade displays power with refinement; and Essence-Maisara combines the innocence and fierceness of youth.  

Sweet Water Spirit was introduced in partnership with herbalist and Reiki Master Ilari Oba Adeola to offer sage, crystals and candles for cleansing the surroundings in addition to body products with spiritual healing properties.


Born of Caribbean heritage in one of New York City's most fashion forward neighborhoods, early on Esi-Morowa expressed strong interest in arts and culture. Her creative passions led her to explore various mediums including drawing and painting, photography, sculpture, jewelry-making, stage and fashion design. After years of expressing herself on canvas as a commissioned artist, Esi-Morowa decided to share something else that she had always done privately since going through a Rites of Passage as a teenager...creating waist beads. However, this West African traditional beadwork would be anything but conventional for this artist who would merge it with her love of crystals. As the company grew, so did the imagination and array of accessories. Her designs have been influenced by art, science, couture fashion, folklore and connections with nature and celestial beings. Her vastly experienced aesthetics coupled with spiritual reverence has made her work distinct, beloved and highly sought-after.

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