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Our Customers Have Said:

 "I absolutely adore my custom belly jewelry! I am immensely grateful and wear it with pride. I used it in a self commitment ceremony and it reminds through out moments of my day just how beautiful my life is. This shop is easy + pleasure to work with 🥰"



"I have not received my beads as of yet. However, I would like to say that when I reached out to BYB regarding the shipping delays. She responded within an hr and sometimes within minutes of any question/comment. I love her professionalism. She provides excellent customer service. I intend on being a life long customer."



"Beautiful and well made as usual. You captured exactly what I envisioned. Thank you!"


"I am a believer in so many ways. I was inpatient in April through May and was told I should get waistbeads. Well I didn't know where to start and just googled and found BYB. The best part is I haven't been ill since nor broke or broken!!! This is the best thing I've ever brought, and has shared with so many others... Thank God for you!!"

-Lanette L 


"I am very grateful for the care and creativity taken with my piece. I opened the box and was brought to tears. It was beautiful! The entire process was personal and fast. I have already placed a second order and will continue to do business with BYB."

-Terra B. 


"Wow!!! These beads have completed my collection. They are absolutely gorgeous and I felt the loving vibrations radiating through them instantly. I feel like my belly has indeed been blessed! Thank you!"


"I Absolutely love my waist bead 💛😊!it is beyond beautiful!would also like to say a special thank you the seller for taking the time to educate me on citrine gemstones 🙏🏿"


"Y’all this is really cute, the colors pop in person, the clip has some little hearts instead of just a plain chain latch it’s a lot of care into this. I’m gonna be a regular cause I love people who care about their products instead of selling just to get money."


"When I've reached out to BYB, I can testify that they show great customer service. I've received professionalism, patience, and response without delays. It's important to customers such as myself, who had shown long term loyalty to businesses, especially because of great customer service and their star employees, or owners who have the patience and skills for their career field. I appreciate it, thanks a lot !"


"Esi-Morowa remains a fave after many years. Her hands are truly blessed. Pleased. As always."


"Esi’s products are ALWAYS amazing!!! I have purchased several items over the last few years and I am always impressed with the quality of her work."


"As always wonderful quality and beautiful product!!"


"Wow. From the moment I opened the package, I knew I had something magical in my hands. The beads perfectly capture the essence of the goddess. Thank you so much for your quick response to my extra request. I’m a repeat customer and still impressed."



"As always, An amazing and lovely anklet. I’m glad I get the option to customize, and Esi always listens and delivers exactly what I want!"


"Amazing how beautiful and Quality are this is my number 6 ordered love it all , thank you for you making awesome jewelries"


"Amazing as usual. Vibrant colors and energy. Only problem I have is trying to decide what to buy next."


"Firstly, customer service was excellent, because I had accidentally put the wrong address and I had reached out and was responded to within an hour and was reached out to respectfully and professionally. Secondly, shipping was super quick and lastly, I’m in love with my waist beads, they’re extremely comfortable and beautifully designed."


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